Artist Album Credit Year
Margate Margate Producer 2012
NoFX Self-Entitled Guitars / Background Voals 2012
NoFX Coaster Guitars / Trombone / Trumpet 2009
NoFX NoFX Backstage Passport (Television) Guitars / Trumpet / Background Vocals 2009
The Expendables Prove It Producer / Co-Writer (Donkey Show) 2009
NoFX They’ve Actually Gotten Worse Live Guitars / Trumpet / Background Vocals 2007
NoFX Wolves in Wolves’ Clothing Guitars / Trumpet / Background Vocals 2006
NoFX The War on Errorism Guitars / Horns / Background Vocals 2003
NoFX Pump Up The Valuum Guitars 2000
NoFX The Decline Guitars / Background Vocals 1999
NoFX So Long and Thanks For All the Shoes Guitars / Trumpet / Background Vocals 1997
NoFX Heavy Petting Zoo Guitars / Trumpet 1996
No Use for a Name Leche Con Carne Background Vocals 1995
NoFX I Heard They Suck Live Guitars / Vocals 1995
NoFX Punk in Dublic Guitars / Trumpet / Background Vocals / “Talent” 1994
Lagwagon Duh Background Vocals 1992
NoFX The Longest Line Co-Writer (Kill all the White Man) / Vocals / Lead Guitar 1992
NoFX White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean Guitars / Trumpet / Background Vocals 1992
Potluck Rhymes and Resin Guitars/Beat Production/mixed entire album 2011
Potluck Straight Outta Humboldt Guitars/Bass/Beat Production/keyboards/Vocals/Skits/Mixed album 2006
Potluck Pipe Dreams Guitars/Vocals/Mixed 2009
Potluck Harvest Time Guitars/Rapping/mixed 2004
Potluck Greatest Hits Guitars/Background Vocals/Rap/Bass/Mixed 2010
Potluck Tha Lost Koast Kollective Rapped/Beat Production/Song writing/mixed album 2002
Potluck Humboldt County High Guitar/Samples/Bass/Background Vocals/Beat Creation 2001
She Hit Me First All My Jokes mixed 2012
Tech N9ne Killer Guitar/co-produced 2008
Atilla & The Huns Self Titled Guitar/Mixed 2011