El Hefe

Since 1991 Aaron “El Hefe” Abeyta has helped define the shape of what we know as punk rock with his long time band NoFX. His roots in music are far more diverse with a passion for rock, jazz, hip hop, reggae, and electronic music to name a few.

In 1998 Aaron started Hefe’s nightclub in Eureka, CA. The club would have a weekly hip hop night which had resident DJs moonlighting from their normal gig as MCs for the hip hop band Potluck. Along the way the band asked Aaron to track electric guitars over their hip hop sounds. When entering the studio Aaron was introduced to a new side of music production he had not been exposed to before. Midi controllers, MPCs, and computers dominated a room once reserved for reel to reel machines, giant mixing consoles and expensive tube amps. A new obsession was peaked.

Humboldt county had its perks including a lot of space for Aaron to build out his first studio in Northern California, which would yield albums from Potluck, as well as beats produced by El Hefe used for Tek9 and Kottonmouth Kings albums. After a few years of honing his skills, Aaron decided to join the rest of the music industry securing a new residence in Los Angeles and building his dream mixing and production studio, Hefe’s Hideout.

Since then his schedule has been full. Highlights include co-producing a billboard charting album for The Expendables, working with KROQ favorites Margate as well as producing new hip hop beats and mixing indy bands from all over the world.